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Aon Jauch & Hübener GmbH

Aon is competent consultants in safety, insurance and risk management for hundreds of companies OF. Our services include the optimization of coverage, creating customized solutions and support in case of damage.

Aon uses an internationally networked company with a long tradition and a wealth of experience. Founded in 1927 under the name "Jauch & Huebener" in Austria, was the 1997 merger with the American Aon Group, the world's largest insurance brokers. In Austria we are currently about 210 employees.

Property risks
For businesses it is important and a living wage, to protect themselves against any kind of damage, destruction or loss. Many have therefore already completed several insurance companies for the protection of assets and property. Nevertheless, often there is uncertainty as to whether the insurance cover and sufficient, and the bonuses are really reasonable.

Liability Insurance
Only by a little carelessness, the person has or property damage can get great financial demands on your business. The risks that you are exposed to, are extremely varied. It can be a complex and time-consuming matter in an ever-changing world, the management of liability risks. Our experienced liability specialists can assist in identifying your business risks in an efficient way to manage.

Insurance protection for managers (D&O)
A wrong decision can ruin a top manager at worst economically. The sometimes considerable financial losses are often no longer be averted. The liability claims asserted by any third party or from your own company. The loss amounts are often life threatening, because the managers basically have to stand with their full personal assets for the damages caused by them. To protect your managers, executives and board members and other senior employees, are liable as the corporate bodies of the consequences of any legal disputes, we provide you with our D & O insurance policies a solution.

Strategic Risk Management (Enterprise Risk Management)
Two key developments shaping today's risk situation of enterprises: the dynamics of change and the concomitant increase in the variety of risks. Hardly surprising, then, that international rating agencies reacted to the recent developments and the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has included in its evaluation criteria. After all, operational risks sometimes have serious impact on the company's success.

Risk Control & Engineering
Our experts of Risk Control and Engineering for decades one of the leading consultants in all areas where it comes to long-term protection and security of investment. Each company ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations today require individual security concepts to avoid personal injury, property, assets, environment and reputation damage.

Mergers & Acquisitions
The global volume of mergers and acquisitions is as high as ever. Due to the complexity of these transactions, experienced and dedicated consultants are asked to identify the risks and opportunities, and provide during the entire term of a contract for increase in value. Exactly such experts we can put to one side, giving you strategies and integrated solutions for managing corporate risks in an increasingly complex global environment. Aon Mergers & Acquisitions Group (AMAG) is available every day around the clock with its know-how - and the before, during and after the transaction.

In an increasingly complex world, the terrorism risk management is more important to protect the interests of your business than ever. We now live in a world where extremists no warning on global pure destruction and loss of life in a spectacular aimed extent. Indigenous groups in many countries are using more sophisticated methods. And even if you are not the direct target, it could even a stop near your building and facilities lead to personal injury and property damage or interruption of your business and the cost of a move, a long-term damage to the reputation of your company and a loss of confidence pull in public by themselves.

Hedging of default (credit insurance)
Whether political or economic risks, short, long or medium-term payment terms, sales of goods, work or services, foreign or domestic demands - almost anything is insurable. Credit insurance is a modern business management tool for higher sales with the right customer, a better funding base and a more sensitive customer management today.

Fidelity Insurance
Danger can threaten your business not only from outside but also from inside. Employees who are not aware of their position of trust or abuse the trust aware are often underestimated risk. The figures for economic crimes speak for themselves here. The annual losses add up to billions and threaten the reputation, liquidity and credit capacity of your business.

Insurance and risk management of real estate
Our special service we have been able in recent years to be the leading resource for estate trustees, housing associations and housing cooperatives. Our market position allows us to provide not only excellent know-how, but also exceptional solutions in the insurance market to enforce.

Environmental liability - a new federal Environmental Liability Act (B-UHG)
The B-UHG, which has been in force since 20.6.2009, for the first time to a no-fault liability of the operator of a facility defined in the law (eg waste management, cement manufacturing, chemical plants, etc.) for damage to soil and water conservation a. Of this Act, is why so many businesses are affected, because in addition to the exhaustive list of activities of Annex 1 of the B-UHG also impacts on all waters, for which you need a water permit, subject to this law. So-called biodiversity loss (impairment of protected species and habitats) will have to be regulated in the near future by the nine provinces in the country's laws.

Aon Jauch & Hübener GmbH